Check Out These 5 Coffee Shops in Dallas

Source: Four Corners Cafe via Facebook

Coffee shops are the best places to meet people, to wake up, to see artists and musicians, and, of course, to drink some fabulous beverages. Here are five coffee shops in Dallas you should definitely try. Ascension is a great place to grab a cup of joe and a meal in the design district. The patrons love the coffee which is roasted locally instead of … [Read more...]

The 5 Best Plants for a Balcony Garden

Get a Look at Nature at The John F Burke Nature Preserve

You want to have a garden on your balcony but, you don't what plants work best for that kind of space. There are some plants that thrive better in that environment then others and those are the ones you want for your outdoors space. Here are 5 of the best plants for a balcony garden. Ferns are a good plant to grow on a balcony. They are easy to … [Read more...]

Contact Us to Find Out More About Our Renovations

Furnished Apartment

Our Prairie Crossing apartment homes have recently been renovated and provide a luxurious place to live. With so many wonderful features and amenities it's easy to see why this is the place to be. Our swimming pool is resort style and has a pool gazebo. Relax in style as you soak up the sun rays, float in the pool, or relax in the shade listening to … [Read more...]

Go Shopping This Weekend at Nearby Galleria Dallas

Do Your Spring Shopping at Galleria Dallas Near Our Apartment Community

One of the best things about living in our luxury Dallas apartments is the amazing shopping that surrounds us. Go shopping this weekend at nearby Galleria Dallas and enjoy one of the best malls in Dallas. The Galleria Dallas has great clothes, dining, and entertainment for any sized budget. They have great department stores like Nordstrom, Macy's, and … [Read more...]

3 Things You Need for Your First Apartment

Budget Friendly Ways to Improve Your Apartment's Kitchen

Setting up your first home is such an exciting time! From experimenting with different design styles to searching all over town for just the right dining room table, check out these often overlooked ways to fill your home. Don't blow your entire furniture budget on one special piece. Make sure all your friends and family know what you're searching … [Read more...]

Have One of the Best Burgers in Town at Burger House


Some of the best burgers in America are served right here in Texas. There are great options for those times when you have an irresistible craving for a mouthwatering burger. When you want a burger done try out nearby Burger House who's been serving Dallas since 1951! Burger House is a classic American burger and hot dog joint that has been crafting … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget With These 5 Design Ideas

Furnished Apartment

You do not have to break the bank to decorate your Prairie Crossing Apartment. We have put together several tips on how to decorate on a budget. Personalize Your Furniture: You can save money by working with what you have, such as painting your end table or ironing a monogram onto your throw pillow. Removable Wallpaper: Removable wallpaper is a … [Read more...]

How to Properly Organize Your Bathroom Cabinet Space

How to Properly Organize Your Bathroom Cabinet Space

There is nothing worse than tearing your Prairie Crossing bathroom apart to find a specific item when you have to leave for work in five minutes. Use the following tips on how to organize your apartment to properly organize your bathroom cabinet space. Go Transparent: Use plastic or acrylic containers and glass jars to display cotton swabs, cotton … [Read more...]

Celebrate the 4th of July in Farmers Branch

Celebrate the 4th of July in Farmers Branch

One of the great things about living or even visiting this pat of The Lone Star State are all of the Farmers Branch summer events. The 4th of July celebration is scheduled to happen Friday, July 3! Some of the particulars: The gates are open at 6:30 PM The venue is The Farmers Branch Historical Park on Farmers Branch Lane This is Low-Level … [Read more...]

Our Picnic Areas and Community Courtyard are Perfect for Meeting Neighbors

Our Apartments Combine the Best of City and Country Living

Getting to know your neighbors and community can make life more interesting and fun, and our Farmers Branch apartments with picnic areas provide you with the perfect space for visiting and socializing. Whether you're casually meeting up with friends or planning a little dinner party for neighbors, this space is perfect for entertaining. Organizing a … [Read more...]