The Interior Courtyards in Our Farmer’s Branch Apartments are Great for Picnics

Apartment Courtyard

While the spring weather may have many people looking forward to heading outdoors for adventure and travel, don't forget the simple outdoor pleasures you can have right here at home. Aside from amenities like the community club room and the beautiful resort-style pool and gazebo, Prairie Crossing features interior courtyards that are perfect for … [Read more...]

Maximize the Natural Light in Farmer’s Branch Apartment

Prairie Crossing

Do you want to add a little more natural light in your Farmer's Branch apartment? Then try out these three tips to maximize your natural lighting. Clean. First make sure you keep all your light sources clean. Clean the fixtures and bulbs to maximize the light they give off. And be sure your windows are clean to allow all possible light to come … [Read more...]

Our Farmer’s Branch Apartments are Nearby All the Attractions in Farmer’s Branch

Prairie Crossing

Prairie Crossing is an ideal apartment home community for families, couples and singles likely to want access to a variety of local activities. You'll find a range of attractions near Farmer's Branch apartments like our luxury Prairie Crossing homes, as we're situated in a convenient, central location close to the Southwest Art Gallery. Some of the … [Read more...]

Our One Bedroom Farmer’s Branch Apartments Have Great Space and Function

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Our one bedroom Farmers Branch apartments are just what you need for striking out on your own. We offer plenty of space and function to keep you comfortable, as well as a few bells and whistles to keep you happy. Here are two of the one bedroom units we offer in our community. Nasher: The Nasher floor plan features a combined living and dining area, … [Read more...]

3 Houseplants That Will Work Well in Your Farmer’s Branch Apartment

Prairie Crossing

If you love greenery and plants in the home, you can still grow houseplants even if you are enjoying apartment living. Farmer's Branch apartments at Prairie Crossing benefit from loads of natural light anyway but there's lots of hardy and hard-to-kill plants on the market that will thrive in any apartment setting. Check out the following plant … [Read more...]

Get the Spring Cleaning at Your Farmer’s Branch Apartment Done Quickly With These 5 Tips

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You know that your apartment is going to look and feel fresh and clean after a good, thorough spring cleaning, but you dread how much time it will take you to clean the apartment. These apartment spring cleaning tips will help you get the job done faster: Your door mat's job is to trap dirt and you can save a lot of time by making sure that yours … [Read more...]

Have a Great Cup of Coffee at Addison Coffee Roasters

Prairie Crossing

Prairie Crossing is in Farmer's Branch, Texas, very close to Dallas restaurants, attractions, and nightlife. A great cup of coffee is one of the finer things in life. Addison Coffee Roasters provide quality coffee to numerous Dallas restaurants, coffee bars, and stores. They sell fair trade certified and organic coffee from all over the world, as well … [Read more...]

3 Money Saving Tips for Balcony Gardening at Your Farmer’s Branch Apartment

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There are endless ways to put your personal style into every corner of your Farmer's Branch TX apartments, so why not make the most of your balcony by starting a garden? While there are lots of great local hiking trails and places to enjoy nature, it's always nice to have a touch of nature right at home. Here are three ideas you can use to start … [Read more...]

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Can Serve at Your Farmer’s Branch Apartment

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Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day, because it increases your metabolism, makes weight loss easier and gives you fuel and energy for the day. While grabbing a cup of coffee and some super sugary pancakes at breakfast joint near our Farmer's Branch apartments is tempting for anyone, it's definitely not the healthiest … [Read more...]

Looking for a Furnished Farmer’s Branch Apartment? We Can Help You at Prairie Crossing

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Prairie Crossing offers great Farmer's Branch TX apartments with spacious one, two, and three bedroom floor plans. We also offer furnished apartments. For those who move regularly and like to travel light, renting a furnished apartment can be the best solution - and we also offer short term leases, perfect for that three or six month job … [Read more...]