Have One of the Best Burgers in Town at Burger House


Some of the best burgers in America are served right here in Texas. There are great options for those times when you have an irresistible craving for a mouthwatering burger. When you want a burger done try out nearby Burger House who's been serving Dallas since 1951! Burger House is a classic American burger and hot dog joint that has been crafting … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget With These 5 Design Ideas

Furnished Apartment

You do not have to break the bank to decorate your Prairie Crossing Apartment. We have put together several tips on how to decorate on a budget. Personalize Your Furniture: You can save money by working with what you have, such as painting your end table or ironing a monogram onto your throw pillow. Removable Wallpaper: Removable wallpaper is a … [Read more...]

How to Properly Organize Your Bathroom Cabinet Space

How to Properly Organize Your Bathroom Cabinet Space

There is nothing worse than tearing your Prairie Crossing bathroom apart to find a specific item when you have to leave for work in five minutes. Use the following tips on how to organize your apartment to properly organize your bathroom cabinet space. Go Transparent: Use plastic or acrylic containers and glass jars to display cotton swabs, cotton … [Read more...]

Celebrate the 4th of July in Farmers Branch

Celebrate the 4th of July in Farmers Branch

One of the great things about living or even visiting this pat of The Lone Star State are all of the Farmers Branch summer events. The 4th of July celebration is scheduled to happen Friday, July 3! Some of the particulars: The gates are open at 6:30 PM The venue is The Farmers Branch Historical Park on Farmers Branch Lane This is Low-Level … [Read more...]

Our Picnic Areas and Community Courtyard are Perfect for Meeting Neighbors

Our Apartments Combine the Best of City and Country Living

Getting to know your neighbors and community can make life more interesting and fun, and our Farmers Branch apartments with picnic areas provide you with the perfect space for visiting and socializing. Whether you're casually meeting up with friends or planning a little dinner party for neighbors, this space is perfect for entertaining. Organizing a … [Read more...]

Shop for the Latest and Best Used Comics at Titan Comics

Shop for the Latest and Best Used Comics at Titan Comics

Our apartments near shopping in Farmers Branch make it easy for you to plan outings to your favorite shops. When you head out on your next shopping trip, why not indulge your inner nerd and stop by Titan Comics to check out the latest adventures of your favorite superheroes? From glossy new books to used comics, you'll find everything you're looking for … [Read more...]

How to Store Your Favorite Small Belongings

Keep Your Bedroom Closet Organized With These 5 Tips

Household clutter can easily become the bane of your existence when trying to keep your home neat and organized. When using these simple storage tips, clutter is easily corralled, plus you have the extra added benefit of saving time by never having to search for small easily misplaced items. Free up precious shelf space by adding cup hooks along the … [Read more...]

The Vaulted Ceilings in Our Apartments Offer a Spacious Feel

Things to Look For in Your Perfect Apartment

If you're looking for an apartment that still feels open, fresh and spacious, then our Farmers Branch apartments may be the perfect fit for you. Our vaulted ceilings open up units, giving you more light and the feeling of more space. However, this isn't the only feature of the homes here that gives you the luxury of space. Our apartments feature large … [Read more...]

3 Things You Need for Your First Apartment

How to Speed Clean Your Apartment Home

Moving into your first apartment is such an exciting time. There is so much to do, from making sure the utilities get turned on to deciding which kitchen cabinet is most convenient for storing plates and bowls. Your first apartment can also be expensive, so if money is tight consider these three "must haves" and easy ways to find them before moving … [Read more...]

Entertain in Your Apartment Home Using These 5 Stress Free Ideas

Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home With These 3 Tips

Entertaining guests in your home is both stressful and wonderful. Here are a few tips to make it more wonderful and less stressful, allowing you to truly enjoy your guests. Make as much of the food as you possibly can in advance. The day of your event should not involve anything more than reheating the delicious meal. You could even have the coffee … [Read more...]